MUME is a nomadic anti-museum by artist Oscar Cueto that seeks to create alternate narratives in the decolonial and global migration context, presenting collaborative projects between international curators and artists in Austria.The invitation will only be extended on the condition that the invited guests recommend other invited artists or curators. The changing location of MUME (Museo Mexicano/Mexican Museum) is chosen according to the ideal framework of time and place to create the narrative of each new edition of MUME. Although guests have thematic freedom to develop their projects, the true goal of this anti-museum is to create narratives antagonistic to dominant thinking or strategies and to seek to collaborate with those working on the margins of ethnic, social, geographic, economic or political privilege. With its invitational mechanics, nomadic nature and limited resources, MUME aims to question the classic roles of the art institution, break vertical hierarchies and distance itself from art as an economic utility.

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