MUME (September, 2021)
"Ling's Golden Imperial Shop"
by Mai Ling (invited project)

On this occasion the art collective Mai Ling presented "Ling's Golden Imperial Shop" at MUME. "Ling's Golden Imperial Shop" is a pop-up store -- a food and supplies stopover and a space for conviviality and gathering. It traced a genealogy of elements constituting Mai Ling -- as collective bodies and identities -- questioning the display and its politics. The shop offered a concoction of objects, music and storytelling touching on intersectional issues of race, gender, sexuality and diaspora as well as politics of body (re)presentation, self-identification, self-stigmatization and the performativity of the "Asian" figur. Ling's Golden Imperial Shop counted with works of Kyungrim Lim Jang, Perilla Zine, Michikazu Matsune, Miwa Negoro, Mary Maggic, Stephanie Misa, Multiple Spirits, Aki Namba, Niwa Yoshinori, Pinie Wang and Jun Yan


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