MUME (May 18-25, 2022)
"Fantasies of Group Meetings"
By Camila Rhodi (guest artist) & Lorena Moreno Vera (guest curator)

The Mexican curator Lorena Moreno Vera presents for this edition "Fantasies of Group Meetings" by the Brazilian artist Camila Rhomberg, a project which delves into the state of uncertainty and the latent impossibility of proximity between bodies as part of the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic measures. Thus, the series of drawings Fantasies of Group Meetings aims to generate "fortuitous encounters" that disrupt the separation situation by displaying them in key spaces around the city of Vienna. Each drawing winks towards different moments of intimacy, proximity, and seduction through subtle strokes or the absence of them. These moments create an encounter between the viewer, the drawn scenes, and memory.

Cafe 7Stern | Mondscheingasse 1, 1070 Vienna | 24x7
Das Cafe | Burgasse 10, 1070 Vienna | 24x7
Die Druckstube | Darwingasse 23, 1020 Vienna | 24x7
Die Labile Botschaft | Salesianergasse 10, 1030 Vienna | 24x7
Morris column (Litfasssaeule) | Am Heumarkt 11, 1030 Vienna | Canceled Venue | MUME statement on the cancellation of the Morris Column rental agreement
The Breakfastclub | Schleifmuehlgasse 12-14, 1040 Vienna |24x7


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