MUME (May20, June 24 and 25, 2022)
"Festival der Platane"
By Manuela Picallo Gil (guest artist)

For this edition, Austrian artist Manuela Picallo Gil presents the "Festival der Platane" at the MUME in collaboration with nine further artists.The three-day Festival der Platane proposes a paradigm shift in relation to monument culture. In search of a reference point for resistance, protest and peace, the festival aims to orient the current discourse on monuments towards the mighty shade plane tree, whose roots have been anchored in the soil of Vienna's first district in Dr. Karl Lueger Square for more than 100 years.

May 20
Dr. Karl Lueger Square & Die Druckstube.
Workshop with high school students: Anti monuments, civil disobedience and risograph printing by Oscar Cueto, Giulio Paolini and Manuela Picallo Gil

June 24
Die Druckstube | Darwingasse 23, 1020 Vienna
6:00 pm | Printing Action by Giulio Paolini and Manuela Picallo Gil

June 25
Dr. Karl Lueger Square, 1010 Vienna
4.30 pm | Action by Hubert Hasler
5:15 pm | Talk with Dora Kuthy
6:00 pm | Lecture by Lena Lieselotte Schuster
6:45 pm | Music by Gobi Drab, Laura Pudelek, Bernhard Schoeberl and Reni Weichselbaum



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