1st Edition / 2nd Edition / 3th Edition / 4th Edition / by Oscar Cueto

MUME (August 2020)
"Glosa (temporary rewriting)"
by Nina Fiocco (guest curator)
Barbara Lazara, Ana Gallardo, Antonio Barrientos, Maria Cerda, Colectivo Arte a 360 Grados (guest artists)

For its fourth exhibition, MUME has invited Nina Fiocco, an Italian curator established in Mexico, who presents the project "Glosa (temporary rewriting)".
A clue. Today, more than ever, thinking about the voice, like our public space, the impermanent resistance of our bodies in contact with other bodies: occupying a space, constructing a language, rewriting another history. "Glosa (temporary rewriting)" is presented as a provisional monument of works, practices, performances by artists that in recent times have shaped non-definitive stories, adding their own voice to other voices.The fourth exhibition will open in August, 2020 in Karl-Marx-Hof, Vienna.

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