MUME (June 16th)
"Radio Epicentro"
by Doris Seintbichler (invited artist)

For this edition MUME has invited Radio Epicentro, a project by Austrian-Mexican artist Doris Steinbichler. Radio Epicentro is the extension of the Mexican artist run space Epicentro (2000-2005) to the real space of Vienna and simultaneously to the global virtual space. Radio Epicentro is a free space that links and renegotiates language, sound, relationships and situations; as social interaction, as poetic intervention, as political utopia, as performative act. Radio Epicentro is an open microphone and a chair which can be occupie.
Live broadcast from:
Yppenplatz, Brunnengasse (corner Payergasse), 1160 Vienna | 2 pm
ourtyard of the Museumsquartier (near the Enzis), 1070 Vienna | 5pm
Hermannpark (near Schwedenplatz), 1030 Vienna | 7pm


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