“Coffee House Cairo” is a participatory installation that was originally inspired by the paintings of  the Austrian artist Ludwig Deutsch. However, the aesthetics of this coffee house in public space contradicts the image of the East, which the West and the mentioned painter systematically reproduce. The “Coffee House Cairo” offers free coffee, a space for recreation and reading during the opening hours of the gallery 12-14. The graffiti pictures that adorn the “Coffee House Cairo” are works by important Egyptian graffiti artists. The installation is the result of a research on graffiti of the Spring Revolution in Cairo, which Cueto started as part of the “Visual Artist Exchange Program Vienna-Cairo” organized by Philomena + and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Cairo. A series of talks, film screening and workshops will take place at the "Coffee House Cairo" during the time the installation is on display.Graffiti artworks by Bahia Shehab, Bassem Yousri, Hend Kheera and El Teneen.

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