MUME Vienna (2019) Hosted by das weisse haus

'MUME' is a Mexican Museum/Museo Mexicano that seeks to generate new narratives in the postcolonial context and global migration. The project brings collaborative exhibitions between curators and artists based in Mexico to Austria. The second and present 'MUME' is situated in my studio in das weisse Haus in the heart of Vienna where four Mexican based curators are invited to develop a site specific project there. The 'MUME' myth is a twisted version of western archetypes. This new Museum is a reinterpretation of the myth Prometheus:

It is said that after seeing his first MUME reduced to ashes by a deliberate fire, the Mexican man stole some burning coal which he protected in the same manner as a civilization about to perish in darkness. It is also said that the coal is a torch allowing Mexicans safe journey to Vienna, where the man from Mexico had migrated and where his family soon joined him, which in turn brought more family. It is said that the Second Mexican Museum was founded in das weisse Haus and that even when the Mexican man was punished for stealing the fire, entire generations of Mexicans kept coming, attracted by the torch's heat that still burns at the top of the MUME.

"The Butterfly Effect: Notes for a Possible Fiction" by Andrea Torreblanca de la Sierra
Andrea Torreblanca was interested in anecdotes that relate to each other through minor associations and resemblances. This is a story of a possible fiction, one that connects different characters through small gestures, histories and pieces of evidence that fashion a relationship between museums, dance, politics and architecture. The Butterfly Effect: Notes for a Possible Fiction began as a personal quest to find the first female museum director in America, while Torreblanca was simultaneously being invited by me to realize an exhibition at MUME which was the perfect setting to replicate an itinerant "Bragg Box", ornamented as a Baker House with a "skin" that uses the pattern of dazzle warships to contain multiple stories. The museum-studio-box-house is thus set as a mise en abyme, where all facts or fictions can be seen, connected, forgotten or become invisible within an imagined place. The culmination or rather, the beginning of this story, is framed by the work of Yanieb Fabre, a Mexican artist based in Paris. Her video Neurotique New Erotique (2014) is set at the stairways of the Seine river in Paris. TEXT: SPA / ENG / GER