MUME (Stuhlfelden, 2017)

'MUME' is a Mexican Museum/Museo Mexicano that seeks to generate new narratives in the postcolonial context and global migration. The project brought the work of 15 artists based in Mexico to Austria. The first version of 'MUME' took place in a hunter's cabin in the Austrian Alps, in Stuhlfelden where the artworks and documentation of the artists Ivan Abreu, Mauricio Alejo, Marcela Armas, Fernando Carabajal, Gilberto Esparza, Ingrid Hernandez, Pinto mi raya, Enrique Rashide, Idaid Rodriguez, Jaime Ruiz Otis, Roberto de la Torre, Alvaro Verduzco, Iker Vicente and Ivan Villasenor were presented. The 'MUME' myth is a twisted version of western archetypes. Its origin used the Robinson Crusoe's colonialist story as reference and reads as follows:

In the year 2017, a Mexican man who was trying to cross the border into the USA stumbled upon Stuhlfelden. He remained in the woods and he converted a hunter's cabin into Mexican Museum/Museo Mexicano (MUME). How the man collected information on the artists is a mystery (the artists are real by the way). Some people say they saw the man in town printing images and information but no one knows for sure. After several years, he disappeared. It is said that he just integrated himself in the Austrian society.