LAS 400 VUELTAS / THE 400 LAPS (2012)

"The 400 Laps" functions as a large installation-scaled book with a digital animation alluding to the French novelist Jean Genet. In this novel, Genet has been falsely impersonated by a double him, leading to his paranoia and confines to solitude. The cover of the book (writen in reallity by me) falsely attributes the novel to James Elrroy; the American thriller writer who became psychologically unstable after the death of his mother. The figure paces back and forth through a doorway becoming his alter ego and blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction. On the backside of the enlarged book is a small lit shelf with a copy of The 400 Laps / Las 400 vueltas. This installation was showed at Museo X Teresa Arte Actual in Mexico City.


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